We treasure every opportunity to take on a custom fabrication project like yours. From a custom awning frame for your camper to custom solutions for major manufacturing, we’re your little shop doing big things for you.



No matter the scope of your project, we're ready to take it on.


Personal Projects

We take on projects big and small. It’s a joy to help you tackle an ambitious weekend project that’s challenging you or to help you fix your child’s beloved bike that’s seen better days.


Small and One-Off Projects

There’s no minimum price-point, time allotment, or quantity produced to use our services. We can handle your quick repair, a one-off machining project, and we’re more than happy to produce a brand-new prototype from scratch.


Large/Complex Projects

Our experience with manufacturing, automotive, food/medical, agricultural, and heavy equipment allows us to quickly and readily provide solutions for your large or complex project. In the past, we’ve taken on proprietary work for clients with a non-disclosure agreement in place. We can give you that manufacturing edge without letting your competitors know your secret sauce!

Metal Fabrication Per Industry

There are plenty of industries that make extensive use of metal for infrastructure and daily use. From structural supports and intricate piping to the stainless steel work that’s used in food and medical facilities, we can do it all. Whether you need a simple handrail for a staircase or an innovative solution for your manufacturing process, we can get it done.

  • Manufacturing/Automotive
  • Food/Medical
  • Agricultural/Heavy Equipment
  • Walk-ins Welcome

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