As the little shop with big ambitions, we are ready to take on your project, big or small, and get it done according to your EXACT specifications. Do you have a part that needs modified? No problem! Do you need something made from scratch? Piece of cake! From big industrial projects to a single item, we can make your machining project come to life—on time and on budget.





Whether you’re having a shaft repaired, altered, or made from scratch, the specs have to be just right to fit and work properly amidst the rest of the machine. We have the experience to make or alter a shaft for whatever project you need it for.



Whether you need a hard-to-find replacement or a brand new bracket for a unique space, we can machine you a new bracket with the proper dimensions, taking into account weight bearing needs and perpendicularity as well as being able to reproduce a bracket from a physical example or blueprint.


Pins & Bushings

Pins and bushings run the gamut when it comes to size and shape, and depending on the purpose, they can have some intricate details that require the minutest precision. ARM can take on this delicate task for you.


Mounting Plates

We can produce any type and quality of mounting plates you need for your project, whether it’s a simple plate for hanging something on the wall or a serious steel plate for keeping heavy machinery in place. We can do quantities, a single plate, and we can even supply you with mounting plates for construction projects.

  • Machine New Shafts
  • Broach Keyways (Standard or Metric)
  • Mill Keyways (Standard or Metric)
  • Repair Bearing and Seal Fits
  • Threading (Repair, New, ID and OD)
  • Press out Parts
  • Machine to Print
  • Hitches
  • Fabricate to Print
  • Grind OD to Size
  • Turning
  • Line Bore Straight Holes
  • Machine New Bushings
  • Machine New Pins
  • Machine New Gears
  • Drill Holes
  • Tap Holes (Standard or Metric)

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Complete Machine Shop Service


    (Monarch, Warner Swaze, Springfield, Vectrex, Hardings, Tos Celakovice, South Bend)

    0"-54" Round x 1'-18' Long


    (Bridgeport, Brown and Sharp, Cincinnati, Giddings and Lewis)

    9"-48" Wide x 42"-60" Long


    (Fortuna, Norton, Cincinnati, Schmatlz)

    OD Grinders:  6"-36" Round x 18"-14' Long
    ID Grinders:  14" Round x 24" Long
    Centerless Grinders:  3" Round x 36" Long
    Surface Grinders:  16" Wide x 48" Long