The ARM staff is passionate about taking on projects that no one else will do. Our capabilities are vast, and we enjoy the challenge of coming up with innovative solutions to uncommon problems. After all, with the largest lathe in the Greater Lafayette area, no project is too big or too small.

Kragujevac, SU, Serbia - September 23, 2012:  car engine assembled at cars factory, the photo was taken at FIAT car factory during the open day and presentation of a new land vehicle model FIAT 500L


Manufacturing often requires a whole army of people and machines to turn raw material into finished products. Whether you need engineered solutions to keep your assembly line going or you need a quick repair or a part made, we’re a great partner for manufacturing companies.

car production line with unfinished cars in a row


The automotive industry is vast and involves tons of different facilities and machines in order to produce and repair vehicles. We can help by machining new parts, repairing used parts, line boring or repairing hydraulic cylinders. We support parts manufacturers, body shops, racing enthusiasts, and more.

professional kitchen . stainless


Restaurants, food trucks, coffee shops, hotels, and more need clean, sanitary surfaces for preparing food and beverages. ARM can help with our metal fabrication services that supply you with stainless steel counters, railing, doors, kitchen hoods, etc.

Full shot of stainless steel hospital table.


We can fabricate supplies, tables, tooling, containers, and more to the medical industry using our stainless steel material that provides the necessary quality needed for the medical industry.

A large earth moving machine shot with a wide angle lens.  The hydraulic excavator was shot against a cloudy sky.  The machine itself is quite dirty and grimy with many signs of heavy use.


Agricultural/Heavy Equipment

We’re glad to help you with any upgrades or repairs to your agricultural and other heavy equipment to keep your hard-working machines working hard. We help by machining new parts and line boring to hydraulic repair.

Man worker locksmith measures tape measure length of metal bars. He makes marks with pencil in workshop. He is in uniform and gloves in his workplace. Work with metal in production.


We’re happy to help you during normal business hours with whatever project you bring in. We can chat about your issue or put our heads together to come up with a solution that works for you. If it isn’t something we can do in our shop, we’ll point you in the direction of someone who can.

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