For so many parts, it’s not all about the material that’s already there—some of the most important parts aren’t actually parts at all. They’re holes. Holes in machined parts allow them to work and be fastened together. For this, you’ll need line boring performed—either when the part is new or when it needs repaired.

We Can Help You WIth Repairs On the Following:

  • Center pivot pin

  • Payloader buckets

  • Bulldozer blades

  • Grapels

  • Clamshell buckets

  • Road graders

  • Excavator quick attachments

  • Cylinder mounts


Get Line Boring Help Today!

  • Widening

  • Narrowing

  • In-house work

  • On-site work


Need a hole widened, narrowed? You can come to us, and we can come to you.

Boring Out a Hole

There are plenty of reasons to bore out a hole. After years of use, the parts on machines can wear down. This is also true for more foundational parts, like holes that allow fasteners and moving parts to fit through.

You may have a damaged bore that needs repaired by enlarging the current one. You may have a special project with parts that work together. And you may just need a hole bored out of a hefty piece of metal to use as a fastener or mounting plate.

Repair Sleeves

Sometimes, it’s not enough to repair a single bore or bore out multiple holes so they match. Changing the size of the bore could render a machine inoperable. In this case, a repair sleeve can be placed in the bore to restore the hole to its original size.


Smaller line boring jobs can be done right here at our shop. If you have something you can carry or haul to our shop, we can take care of you right here. We can help you with anything from boring out an engine block to helping you come up with a solution for your special project.


Some projects can’t be done at our shop for obvious reasons. If you need a hole bored for building purposes or to repair your heavy agriculture or construction equipment, we’re happy to bring our equipment and expertise to you—wherever it is.

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