Hydraulic Cylinder

Hydraulic Cylinder Repair

Hydraulics work with the help of pressurized liquid in a sealed system to produce large amounts of force for moving, pushing, pulling, lifting, digging, etc.

Hydraulic systems are commonplace in many industries as well as our daily lives. From your home’s dishwasher to the backhoe you use for work, hydraulic systems work hard to make life easier for us.

Over time, these systems can become worn down or quit working entirely. Whether it’s a leaky seal, internal barrel corrosion, or a bent piston rod, we can bring strength back to your hydraulic systems with hydraulic cylinder repair in Lafayette, IN.


We can take on whatever size hydraulic repair you need. Your backhoe, tractor, log splitter—if you can bring it in, we can fix it in-house and get you back to work.


If it’s impossible or inconvenient to bring your hydraulic equipment in to us, we’d be happy to come to wherever you are and get your systems operational again—even if it’s a tractor stuck in a muddy field or a heavy-duty piece of factory machinery.

We Can Help You With

  • Hydraulic cylinder repair

  • New seal sales

  • New piston rods

  • New cans

  • Bearings for eyelets

  • Threads

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